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Saturday, February 6, 2010


okay..havn't been here in awhile...plenty to say..

but i tink..i feel..i just want to say this to one specific person..YOU.U know who U are..

let me start just by saying...

I AM YOUR BEST FRIEND.. to say that " you we're never there for me"... hurts ..very much..
u convince me again and again..u tell me u'll never leave me again...
so y won't u let me be ur BEST FRIEND..

i still cant learn to accept that you wont find me when u nid someone...

it hurts..whenver im tinkin of still stings like the first time u said it..

okay.. im the one u find when u want to hav fun..relax...and all that..

but can't i be ur everthng??
cant i be wat u entitled me to be??
ur best!
let me be ur best evrthng..

yes i want to be the first person u tink of when u wan to share a special place with ..a memory.. the first person u tink of when u miss home... the first person u tink of when ur happy..

all of them is fine..but not enough for me..I WANT TO BE UR BEST EVERYTHING..
i want u go find me when u need a friend..
a shoulder to cry on..
how do u tink i feel when u say...

"i cried for FOUR HOURS"
"no..i've been crying for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT"

and u dint come and find me..
its not me u search for..

i am ur bff... let me be..

u may tink i dun get u ....but i do... u tink i dun...but i do.. i understand u very well...u tink i cant breach ur wall..


you can build ur wall as high as u want..
but dun keep me out...


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