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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Theres probably over a million things people say about love.. Y???

Does anyone know what's its like to bury your own feelings ... burying it under ur smiles..
Just so that the one that posesses ur heart won't know what lies urderneath ur smiles...
Making sure she doesn't look into ur eyes and see the sadness in ur heart..
Pretending like ur having a normal day whenever u see her...
Like ur having a daily routine in ur normal happy life..
Just so that she won't know how u feel for her..
The "three words" ur dying to say to her..


Seeing her and not being able to say it to her...

Trying not to let your jealosy expose you when she's talking to another guy..
Trying NOT STRANGLE/CEKIK every guy that she talks to..
Trying to control yourself when shes holding her phone and your not on the other's not with U...
Trying not to tink that ..there is a chance she'll fall in love with one of those guys.. and it won't be'll be with THOSE CREEPS..

Trying to keep smiling whenever you see her..when all you wan't to do is say to her how much you love her...

Imagine ..
Letting her go ..
with someone else... cause u'll know she'll be happier with him.. even if U know he'll never come close to loving her as much as U do..

but because you love her u'll let her go...she'll be happier with him....

Just imagine..
Having these thoughts running in your head everday..
Seeing her everday...

Having to this for almost two years...
Maybe all for nothing..
So that she can live he normal daily routine without the guilt of breaking someone's heart

To say that you're in a state of sadness is just ain't rite anymore..
but u can't even tink u any superlative that can come even close to describe how u feel... The only way to desribe it is.. Emotionally exhausting..


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